Strange to say, in playing baseball, the feeling of cherishing the equipment improves skill.

Kenichi Yazawa


The baseball club of the University of Tokyo stopped its straight defeats at 95 in Tokyo Big6 baseball league. Its coach is Kenichi Yazawa, who is a former major batter of Chunichi Dragons. Confused by the club members who booked getting coaching from him, asked for a rationale,  decided on their tactics logically on the premise of no hit, and thought a tool as a tool as if they studied in a cram school, he started telling them how to use the equipment, that is, to have a heart. From Kanro Watanabe's interview notes in the September issue of Bungeishunju.


November 19, 2015

from “Oriori no Kotoba” by Kiyokazu Washida, The Asahi Shimbun