I like punk. I'm unpopular with guys.

A 28-year-old woman working at a second hand clothing store



She wears many pierced earrings, her eyebrows are yellow and her jacket is full of studs. Perhaps because of this appearance, "It's not to say that I want to be very popular with the opposite sex, but I'm too unpopular," she posted such a grief-stricken message.  "I think you did a lot of things and can't draw back now," a TV scriptwriter, Kankuro Kudo says. "I'm sure you'll be popular with guys someday as long as you are unique in your own way without hesitation," he gives her supportive push. From late night TV program "Good night Japan" (April 10).


April 28, 2016

from “Oriori no Kotoba” by Kiyokazu Washida, The Asahi Shimbun