Anyone who can work comfortably with smile thinks it's good. But I believe that we should fail if we would aim at that from the beginning.

Hokuto Muto    



First of all, it is important to have many discussions and build the relationship of "trust." The seafood seller, whose premises were completely destroyed by the tsunami and moved its stronghold from Ishinomaki to Osaka, tries to rebuild the business by recruiting part-timers in the middle of child-raising. He considers the company to be "a vessel" to support living and gives top priority to creating a pleasant working environment. And finally, he has made the company in which  employees are free to start work and leave work, and don't need to do any work they dislike and to notify of absence either. From "A Workplace To Live."


August 7,  2017

from “Oriori no Kotoba” by Kiyokazu Washida, The Asahi Shimbun