No matter what happens, you can speak up and carry yourself regally for sure.

Tomoya Satozaki



The former catcher of Chiba Lotte Marines answered like this when he was asked by his junior who played a catcher, the same as him,  about what was the most important thing as a catcher. These things can be done for free even though you are off your game. What you first need to do is to gain the confidence that it's okay if you leave it to this guy rather than your record. I want to give these words to those who feel desperate to get results in a new workplace. From Nippon Broadcasting Radio program "Hidetake Takashima and Tomoya Satozaki, Saturday Battery Talk" (broadcast on February 9).


"April 22  2019

from “Oriori no Kotoba” by Kiyokazu Washida, The Asahi Shimbun"