Daito Bunka University Business Research Institute Seminar (The 12th Management Symposium)

AI opens the Door to the Future Society -Toward Heaven or Hell?-(Opportunities and Challenges of the AI-based Society)

AI is much talked about these days. In addition to games, shogi, quizzes, the applications of AI are also progressing in the industry. While the society is becoming more and more convenient, we also vaguely fear that AI will replace us someday. In this symposium, we will conduct a panel discussion from a broad perspective on merely the glorious future of AI, but also on the issues that AI has and the way our society should be in the future. Besides, this symposium is available for students and adults (participation fee is free). Please look at the bottom of this page for registration. We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend.

Date and time: Sunday, November 26, 2017 12:00 - 17: 55 (open from 11:30)

Venue: Daito Cultural Center 1F Hall (Tobu Tojo Line Tobu Nerima Sta. 3 minutes walk)

 Participation fee: free

Keynote lecture


"AI Opens the Door? Toward Heaven or Hell?" (interpretation available)

Prof. Karamjit S. Gill (University of Brighton)


A professor emeritus at the University of Brighton and the founder and editor-in-chief of the journal "AI & Society (Springer)."  Prof. Karamjit S. Gill has continued to be interested in the field of technology and human beings and has made remarks about the impact of ICT on society from the standpoint of human centered systems (HCS).

Lecture 1

Prof. Kyoichi Kijima (Daito Bunka University School of Management)


“We actively use AI as a social infrastructure that creates happiness for all people.”


Prof. Kyoichi Kijima completed doctoral program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Business Engineering in 1980, and is a Doctor of engineering. After serving as a professor of Value Systems at Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Social Science and Engineering , he has been in his current position since 2016. His current specialization areas are system science (especially decision-making system science, service system science), social system engineering, and system modeling.



Lecture 2

Kazuo Hiyane(Chief Director of Advanced Technology Research Center, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)


“AI is beyond the boom, into the social implementation stage.”


Kazuo Hiyane graduated with a master'S degree from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering and entered Mitsubishi Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 1988. After serving as the director of Information Technology Research Center, and the director of Public Solutions General Manager, he has been the chief director of Advanced Technology Center since 2016. Currently he is engaged in the research and development of advanced information processing technology centering on AI and research and development of business.



Lecture 3

Yoshiaki Wada (Bank of Japan Systems Division, NTT Data System Technologies Inc.)


“By improving the use environment and preparing for risk management, AI demonstrates its true value.”


Yoshiaki Wada entered Bank of Japan in 1982 and NTT Data System Technologies Inc. in 2010. Currently, he is engaged in the development of new financial technology supporting XBRL, XML, J-SON, etc. After serving as a director of XBRL International, he is currently acting as chairman of the XBRL Asia Round Table.



Lecture 4

Prof. Kenichi Uchiyama (Daito Bunka University School of Management)


“We should try to ask AI about what it is to use AI.”


Prof. Kenichi Uchiyama was born in 1949. After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University and working for IBM Japan, he went to the UK. He obtained a PhD at London School of Economics and Political Science. His specialty is soft systems methodology (SSM), action research. He is critically studying the impact of IT and AI on society.

Panel Discussion: “Is the third AI boom real?”


Prof. Kyoichi Kijima (Daito Bunka University School of Management)

Kazuo Hiyane (Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)

Yoshiaki Wada (NTT Data System Technologies Inc.)

Prof. Kenichi Uchiyama (Daito Bunka University School of Management)

Prof. Junji Hiwatashi (Daito Bunka University School of Management)


General moderator: Naoto Watanabe (Daito Bunka University School of Management)


Panel discussion moderator: Yasuyuki Shirai (Daito Bunka University School of Management)

As to the participation application, detailed schedule of the symposium, and profile of the speaker, please e-mail at daito.keiei@gmail.com. We’ll receive the participation application on a first come, first served basis and it will close once all the places are taken.

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